Gusta Timmermans, founder of Recruitment Builders, has over twenty years of experience in recruiting. With her experience in the temporary employment sector, as co-owner of a recruitment and selection agency and her position as head of recruitment at ING Netherlands and ING worldwide she has become an expert in her field.

In her spare time she is chair of Recruiters United, the independent network for recruitment and labor market professionals in the Netherlands. In addition, she loves to travel and has recently written the book '199 questions for a successful selection interview' in which she not only helps you with all facets of a successful selection interview, but also gives tips and insights into how to build an effective recruitment strategy.

You can also hire Gusta Timmermans as a guest speaker on various themes such as:

  • The importance of a good Recruitment strategy.
  • Also for guest lectures.
  • Inspiration sessions.
  • Fixed - flex integration.
  • Good recruitment and supplier strategy.
  • General developments within recruitment and trends in the labor market.
  • The importance of a good candidate experience
  • The importance of a good employer brand